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Falling Awake

Falling Awake is an original fantasy series combing strange worlds with small town drama. There's currently two stories:



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JoyRiders is an ongoing webcomic hosted on Webtoons that follows seven small town teens on an adventure above the clouds and beyond their world.


Doctor Atlantis

 A sprawling, 5 volume comic series of Steampunk on the High Seas. Written by Ian Ally Seals and fully illustrated by Carl "Meff"


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Digital Paintings

A collection of my digital paintings, from Landscapes and fantasy art to Still Life.

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Concept Art

Imaginative designs for a wide range of worlds and beings.

Daily Art

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Carl Mefferd (or MEFF) is a freelance illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest. He's been the artist and creator of multiple comic series and works in a range of media.

His subjects gravitate towards the fantastical, with an emphasis on storytelling and original worlds.

He's available for a wide range of commissioned work.

Thanks for submitting!

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Webtoons HUB

In addition to print and digital books, several of my stories can be found in a scroll-format on Webtoons

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